The Walking Dead is the best show on TV

by Kieran on November 13, 2012

As you can see from my post frequency, I have neither the time nor topics to write about on this site on anything but a yearly basis. However, things have changed as my Irish are 10-0 and TV is exciting again.

So, back to my post title…I am sure there are plenty of great  TV shows on right now. I am sure people will disagree with me. I am sure the sky is blue (or is it). I am also sure the Walking Dead is the best TV show on right now. I mean, between The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad is there another channel killing it like AMC?

For those that have read the comic, you know who the Governor is…you know who is on the other end of the phone (UGH)…you know what (might) happen. Having read the entire series (and continue to read it) it makes me appreciate even more how great this show is. The character development is just amazing…you watch people like Carl, Rick, Andrea, etc develop into something totally different and you accept and embrace it. In the comic the Governor is an evil person beyond belief…the things he did are on a whole different level then what you have seen on TV. I mean, a good deal of the plot between Michonne and him COULDNT be shown on TV, right? However, without any historical reference the viewer has seen glimpses of the evil behind his composed exterior. You know something will happen, something has to happen…but, what?

.Here are some additional points to support my argument.

  • Daryl is the most complex, man-crush worthy, bad-ass character on TV since Titus Pullo
  • Carl went from being the kid everyone in the world loathed to being the kid everyone is the world roots for / would high-five. Zombie sniper? Check. Protect the women in a zombie filled jail? Check. Put a bullet in your Mothers skull so she doesn’t come back as a zombie and try to eat you? Check. Hook-up with the farmers daughter? Almost check. When this show is over, I want to see a Carl spin-off.

  • Rick vs the Governor hasn’t even happened yet.


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